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There excited a vacuum in creating a brand that promotes style under one Roof across a range of products there also excited a Number of small enter preneurs ,designers and manufactures whose products reflect style and class but for want of various reasons would barely get recognition. “TRUZZO “ was thus born to create a brand that reflects style and to promote such entrepreneurs since it is practically impossible for all designers to retail form all over the county and yet maintain their exclusivity. In a short span of time TRUZZO Has become a name to recon within the fashion fraternity. The challenge here obviously lies in care full selection of what TRUZZO promotes. The pitch of TRUZZO is provide base to designers. Who wants to retail but is constrained by various factors like infrastructure large over needs, stock unavailability etc. The plus point for designer is the brand name and the loyal client list. With a discerning eye and the ability to distinguish from the ordinary. TRUZOO brings style and uniqness under our roof where by artistic geniuses’ exhibit and array of their finest creation be it wedding or festive period for the brides grouse children and their family members. For people to distinguish the exquisite from the ordinary .TRUZZO is quite simply that last stop. TRUZZO Symbolizes state of the art fashion where undeniable talent of creative fashion and design geniuses from India as well as overseas Is on a magnificent display for all to experience. It is a melting pot for buyers and exclusive mix of high and heritage brands. TRUZZO is an ideal platform for designers who wish to exhibit their exceptional skills. Style Under One Roof” Mission Truzzo’s mission in to provide a common platform to the sellers & buyers of the India wedding industry & thus play our part in reducing their hassle of knocking one door after the another.